About Us

Dr. Leonard Hochenegg, simply known as ‘Doc Hoc’ to his patients and colleagues was a renowned herbalist and healer from the Alpine mountains of Tyrol/Tirol, Austria. His hometown, Tirol is known for its mystical mountains, clean spring waters and a variety of exotic herbs which inspired him heal a massive amount of people during his lifetime.

During his celebrated times as a healer, patients from all over the world have strenuously travelled to the Tirolean mountains just to seek Doc Hoc’s healing prowess. With a spiritual guidance and philosophy towards his practice, he would often treat as much as 300 patients in a day - bringing his multidisciplinary know-how into a mystical, holistic approach to healing and recovery.

As his final wish, he has given his children and nephews the task of continuing to produce his unique herbal mixtures and committed to heal for generations to come.

Further on his career, Doc Hoc combined his own herbal experiences together with exotic Asian healing methods he learned from his wife’s father, who himself was a celebrated spiritual healer from the Philippine islands. With this, he concocted a unique approach to healing and detoxification that his patients have been religiously following even after his death. 

Before he passed away in 2009, Doc Hoc has reportedly healed over 10,000 patients – mostly individuals whom were often abandoned and left in the dark by traditional medicinal practitioners. Doc Hoc was always there to help, alleviating medical problems to those who come visit him. With this, his spirit and expertise lives on through his children even until today.

Today, his spiritual healing mixtures and philosophies are now available to the general public through the introduction of Doc Hoc 2-Step Detox as the first of many. Down from the mystical Alpine mountains and straight to your doorstep!

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