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What are the ingredients of Slender Mornings Teatox?

What are the ingredients of Night Workout Teatox?

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Where are Doc Hoc Teas produced?

Are Doc Hoc Teas considered medicinal?

Does Doc Hoc TeaTox come in loose leaves or in separate tea bags?

How should I store my Doc Hoc TeaTox products?

Medical Information, Effects & Side Effects

Are Doc Hoc Teas safe to drink if I am pregnant or trying to conceive?

Are there any potential side effects while on Doc Hoc’s Teatox program?

Can anybody drink Doc Hoc’s Teatox?

I have pre-existing medical conditions, should I drink Doc Hoc Teatox?

I have severe allergies. Should I use Doc Hoc's Teatox?

Should I do an exercise program while on Doc Hoc Teatox?

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